Latest WGASL General Meeting Minutes


2023 Fall Business Meeting/Luncheon

Wednesday 11/01/23 – 11:00am

DeSoto Golf Club

Mary Cupstid, Chris Orr and Cynthia Chandler greeted guests, distributed name tags and collected 2024 dues from returning members for next year.   Cynthia Chandler and JoAnn Kohlmeyer placed welcome gifts and raffle tickets on the tables.   The tables also included centerpieces created by Cynthia with a Fall theme that were used as prizes at the end of the event. 

Handouts of the Spring minutes and 2024 nominations for the Social League Board were also distributed to the tables, allowing members to review prior to the meeting.

From 11:00 to 11:45 members socialized until the meeting was called to order at 11:45.

JoAnn Kohlmeyer, Vice President, opened the meeting as Angela Davis, President, was out of town.   She welcomed everyone, including a discussion on how she felt this league was special this year because Angela wanted people to have fun.   She also discussed the importance of Angela’s good communication and making sure everyone knew what was going on each week.   JoAnn discussed the review of the Spring minutes, which were on the tables and had been e-mailed to the members.  The minutes were approved by the members in attendance.

JoAnn also reviewed the changes in the League’s Bylaws, which included the addition of the 9-hole option for golf and participation in play in the league being a requirement for membership on the Board.   Bylaw changes also include co-chairs for positions, the option for electronic voting for Board positions and raising the dollar limit from $50 to $100 for the Treasurer without requiring approval of the Board.

Susan Cigelman added a motion for a change in Article 3 to include emergencies.   This change was  seconded and approved.  The revised Bylaws were then approved by the members in attendance.

Donnie Farmer discussed how it was great to have a 9-hole group as the Women’s 9-hole league costs $45 per year and requires a GHIN.

JoAnn then introduced the Nominations for the 2024 board, referencing that 3 people were leaving the board and several other members were changing positions.  The nominations were:

                Susan Cigelman – President

                Janet Evans – Vice President

                Shelly Cantwell – Secretary

                Mary Cupstid – Treasurer

                Chris Orr – Membership Chair

                Candy Pansing – Pairings Chair

                Cynthia Chandler – Social Chair

                Rhonda Markell – Publicity and Achievements

                Josie Hanschmann – Website Chair

JoAnn asked for floor nominations.   There were no floor nominations.   All voted and the new Board was elected.

Mary Cupstid, Treasurer, discussed the Crush Cancer event and our donation of $2200 to the CHI Foundation.   Mary also noted that none of the money was going to cover administration costs, as was an agreement between the golf leagues and CHI made several years ago. 

Mary then reviewed our current financial position, with a balance in the league of $5569.52.   The year end is October 31st.   Mary discussed details on the income ($7952) and the expenses ($8027.26) in the fiscal year.    The membership was 145, with one member passing away and one moving during the season.

The floor was asked to approve the Treasurer's report, which was approved. 

The meeting was adjourned.  Mary Cupstid then said the blessing and tables then proceeded to the buffet.

After lunch and delicious brownies for dessert, raffle numbers were drawn for the centerpieces. 

Submitted by Chris Orr