Latest WGASL General Meeting Minutes


2023 Spring Luncheon

Wednesday 3/29/23 – 11:30am

Diamante Country Club

Masters Theme – Pimento cheese family style appetizer followed by plated

egg salad, chicken salad, homestyle potato chips, fruit and rolls with peach ice cream

and sugar cookie. The bar offered a specially priced drink "The Azalea".

Mary Cupstid and Nancy Koski were seated at a table in the Diamante foyer to greet the guests

and distribute the welcome bags.

Cynthia Chandler assembled the table decorations with tees, grass and SL

golf ball. Mary Cupstid embroidered Masters flags with the last 9 Masters

champions' names. Both were door prizes.

Gift bags were given out to all attendees. Included in them

disposable pre-printed name tag, SL nail file, permanent marker, pencil, eraser, sharpener,

pen, ball mark, Hot Hands warmers and ticket for door prize drawing.

New members also got counting beads made by Mary Cupstid. Mary Cupstid and

Susan Cigelman assembled them.

Handouts were also distributed that included The Masters History

and Information sheet, Wonderful Wednesday guideline and etiquette

sheet, SL Sign up and Pairings Information, Masters Game – picking the

final score and winner, along with the 2023 Play Day Schedule.

Prepared by Angela. Davis.

Angela opened the meeting and gave the attendees 5 minutes to visit,

introduce themselves to their table and select the putter to represent

them in the putting contest.

The business meeting began with Angela introducing the Board, Committee

members, the Village Voice representative and Bonnie Holt – former President.

Mary Cupstid presented the Treasurer's Report and there was a motion

to accept and a second to approve. Voice vote approved.


107 Members with 56 New Members

71 Attendees at luncheon.

The 2022 Spring and Fall Minutes were waived reading. There was a

motion to accept and a second to approve. Voice vote approved.

Crush Cancer 2022 and 2023 Sale and Tournament were covered

by Joann Kohlmeyer and Deb Hamm.

2022 Tournament was very successful and raised $1700

2023 Sale still doing collections for donations at our

first two Play Days and at Marcie's home.

2023 Tournament at Isabella – Shot gun and open to all.

September 27,2023.

Discussion on deadline for first Play Day, emails regarding

password, and handouts.

Asked for New/Old business – none

Adjourned Business Mtg

Mary Cupstid said the Blessing

Lunch was served.

The Putting Contest was conducted by JoAnn Kohlmeyer with 9 contestants (one representing each table).

Each player putted 3 balls for a chance to proceed to the next round.

Out of 27 balls, only one went in the cup.

Vicky Poecker of the Jordan Spieth table won and a prize was given to each of her tablemates.

Attendees stood and introduced themselves.

Drawings held for various prizes and table centerpieces.

Submitted by Nancy Koski