Latest WGASL General Meeting Minutes




Bonnie Holt, President                          Susan Cingelman, Membership

Angela Davis, Vice President               Linda Coombs, Publicity

Nancy Koski, Secretary                          Cynthia Chandler, Social Co-Chair

Sue Ninnis, Pairings Co-Chair              Marcie Knighton, Pairings Co-Chair

#1. Susan Cingelman passed out brochures she had prepared. They are for distribution through the POA and all golf courses. She will email the template to all Board Members.

#2. Bonnie Holt conducted discussions on whether we should do a Welcome Coffee AND a Spring Luncheon. It was decided to have the Welcome Coffee on Feb 16th @ 10 am, in the Trademark meeting space. The Board will prepare a light Brunch food.

Marcie - Egg Casserole

Angela - Cinnamon casserole

Sue N. - Fruit Bowl

Carole - Coffee

Cynthia - Quiche & Champagne

Nancy - Mini Muffins

Susan - Juice

Bonnie - Paper Goods

Linda to put article in The Voice.

#3. The Spring Luncheon will be held at Diamante CC, March 30th @ 11 am. Cynthia is working with the Food Director, if a $20 lunch isn't doable, then Plan B would be a catered Lunch At the Trademark meeting space, possibly by Clampits. Nancy will contact Diamante Pro, Scott Adams, to be the speaker, with his choice of topic.

#4. There was a discussion on the Website. Suggestions were to add a Picture Gallery, update the birthdays monthly and add the Board Mtg Notes.